UWB Anchor

UWB Anchors are key parts of a FloWide Hybrid RTLS. With the help of these radio devices system tracks the location of objects or people indoors with high accuracy. Imagine them as small satellites for a special kind of “indoor GPS”.



UWB Anchors utilize special radio pulses (Ultra-Wide Band) to locate small battery powered trackers. If more than five anchors detect these small energy radio pulses from the tracker devices that location can be calculated with the help of FloWide Workbench software modules.


UWB Anchors are usually placed on walls or cable trays. To cover an area with an UWB real-time location system (RTLS), as a rule of thumb anchors need to be placed in every 20 m in a grid.
Anchors then need to be wired to central points where power is accessible via standard network cables.

To know exactly how many anchors will be required for you project, please contact us.


We customize the available connectivity and powering options of the UWB Anchors for every installation according to client’s needs. Flat-rate pricing applies, each anchor costs £ 350 no matter what is the configuration.


Detailed specs can be found in the datasheet.