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Create intelligent industrial applications with the power of location data

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Optimise your manufacturing process through simulation and real-time location data

With nearly a decade of experience deploying UWB-powered solutions FloWide has a deep understanding of the potential real-time location data has to revolutionise manufacturing. Utilizing this knowledge, we support our partners in their efforts to improve the efficiency of their production lines by relying on simulation, existing hardware deployments and our UWB-powered location technologies.

The FloWide Process


Identify your challenges

We are problem solvers and believe in offering solutions to the difficulties you face. Naturally, you understand these best, reach out to our team so we can begin discussing how FloWide can help you work better.


Creating your digital twin

Once we have an understanding of the challenges that need to be solved our experts will engage with you to better understand what’s happening on your shop floor and use the information gained to create a simulation model of the processes. Your team can easily edit this model through a low-code python interface on the FloWide platform.


Simulation and optimisation planning

Using the digital twin, our experts will work with your team to identify the steps needed to improve production efficiency. The simulation generates realistic location data, allowing you to test various scenarios without the need to implement them on-site. We will examine solutions that rely only on existing tools, and others that build on various implementations of FloWide hardware.


Implement and repeat

Once we’ve identified the best path forward, we’ll implement the first round of changes to the manufacturing process, including the deployment of FloWide technologies. Custom applications needed to support the deployment will be created in parallel. At FloWide we strongly believe in continuous and incremental improvement to minimise risks and maximise return. Back to Step 1 it is!

Let’s talk!

Reach out to our team if you have any questions, are facing a problem you think we can solve, or just want to learn more about how we do what we do!