Shopfloor track and trace

Increase visibility of your shopfloor operations by always knowing what is where. Locate them with submeter precision! Learn more.

Find your important assets by type and location without wasting time

Create alerts when your assets enter specific zones

Plan maintenance based on assets historical movements

Measure your improvements with location data

Get live status of your buffer levels from location data

Generate Kanban events from location chages

Get more effective milkruns by knowing location of items

Control AGV traffic with knowing other vehicles location

Get status of Work-In-Progress based on real-time location

Locate your product at any position on your conveyor line

Order assembly materials when product changes location

Know immediately when items do not arrive at the right place

Forklift fleet tracking

Gain full visibility of your forklift fleet. Optimize operations and increase safety by knowing when and where they are working! Learn more.

Get reports on when and where forklifts are working

Create optimal routes based on forklift real-time location

Control traffic between AGVs and forklifts

Update goods location with forklift location

Continuously update inventory with RFID integration

Limit your forklifts speed based on location

See where and when are bottlenecks on forklift routes

Create statistics on cycle times for each forklift driver

Yard management

Have an up to date view of your yard inventory and know about all vehicle and personnel movements! Learn more.

Get detailed statistics of loading and unloading performance

Route vehicles to their (un)loading position

Know where and when are trucks waiting too much

Automate the check-in process at gate

Get automatic updates of volumes of raw materials stored

Detect and prevent misplaced unloadings

Match scanning gate data to transport vehicle

Schedule your handling machines automatically