Forklift fleet tracking

Having real-time location information about a forklift fleet offers several advantages that contribute to improved efficiency, safety, and overall operational effectiveness in various industrial and logistical settings.

In our experience any business utilizing more than 10 forklifts will gain huge benefits by knowing when and where they are working.

Collect Location Data from Forklifts

To collect location data FloWide Hybrid RTLS is deployed to areas where forklifts are working.  Forklift tracking is one of the RTLS use-cases where infrastructure costs are the lowest. Depending on expected accuracy and site complexity installation costs can go down to 1 €/m2 indoors and 0.01 €/m2 outdoors.

Forklifts are equipped with FloWide OBU tracker devices that are powered from forklifts battery that makes forklift tracking a maintenance free system.

Location Data solutions with Forklifts

Get reports on when and where forklifts are working

Create optimal routes based on forklift location

Control traffic between AGVs and forklifts

Updated goods location with forklift location

Continously update inventory with RFID integration

Limit your forklifts speed based on location

See where and when are bottlenecks on forklift routes

Create statistics on cycle times for each forklift driver