Yard management

FloWide supports you with digital technologies to help coordinate and control the activities related to the movement and storage of goods within the factory premises, also in the outdoor areas known as the yard. The yard typically includes areas such as parking lots, loading docks, storage yards, and other outdoor spaces where material handling equipment, vehicles, and inventory are managed.

Yard management is crucial for efficient operations in factories, particularly in industries that involve the movement of goods, such as manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and transportation. FloWide focuses on optimizing the flow of materials, vehicles, and resources within the yard to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Collecting Location Data from the Yard

To collect location data FloWide Hybrid RTLS is deployed to yard and FloWide tracker devices are attached to every vehicle working or entering the yard. Thus all movements of vehicles are now tracked in real time.

Also regular drone flights are organized. After each flight an accurate 2D map is created on FloWide platform to help visualize location data collected from trackers. Advanced algorithms and AI are used to identify roads, assets and to calculate volumes of materials in yard from aerial images captured during the flights.

Location Data Solutions in the Yard

Get detailed statistics of loading and unloading performance

Route vehicles to their (un)loading position

Know where and when are trucks waiting too much

Automate the check-in process at gate

Get automatic updates of volumes of raw materials stored

Detect and prevent misplaced unloadings

Match scanning gate data to transport vehicle

Schedule your handling machines automatically