Forklift monitoring device

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FloWide's OnBoardUnit electronic device

One device for multiple application

Working in conjunction with Workbench software, the same OnBoardUnit can cover multiple use cases.

Level 1
Activity monitoring

Get a full visibility of your forklift trucks activities as well as continuous outdoor location tracking via GPS.
forklift trucks activity dashboard
  • Activity monitoring

    Get a full monitoring of your forklift status.

  • Safety

    Monitor and locate incidents.

Level 2
Indoor areas detection

Start mapping indoor activities by adding proximity sensors in key areas.
shop floor map displaying trucks tracked by FloWide's tracking solution. Level 2.
  • Level 1

    All the benefits of Level 1 plus...

  • Indoor activity monitoring

    Start mapping the indoor activity of your forklift trucks on a zone level by adding proximity sensors in key areas.

  • Outdoor location tracking

    Start mapping the outdoor activity of your forklift trucks.

Level 3
"Indoor GPS"

Get a continuous indoor location tracking by deploying a ultra-wideband (UWB) Real Time Locating System (RTLS)
material flow analysis spaghetti diagram
  • Level 2

    All the benefits of Level 2 plus...

  • Full indoor activity monitoring

    Get a full mapping of your indoors activity with "GPS like" location tracking.

Level 4
Zero touch intralogistics

Get a fully automated tracking of your Work-In-Progress (WIP) and inventory by installing additional sensors on you forklift trucks.
zero touch logistics no manual entry
  • Level 3

    All the benefits of Level 3 plus...

  • WIP and Inventory tracking

    Get a fully automated tracking of your Work In Progress (WIP) and Inventory by equipping your trucks with additional sensors.
    Technologies: Barcode, RFID, Vision, drones

How does it work?

Learn more about the technology behind the OnBoardUnit. We're building the web page, come back later.

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