UWB Anchor

LoRa Anchors are the data collector nodes of a FloWide Hybrid RTLS. With the help of these radio devices it is easy to collect real-time location data from wireless trackers both indoors and outdoors. LoRa Anchors have great range, only a few of these are needed to cover your whole site.



LoRa Anchors utilize LoRa modulation in the 2.4 GHz free to use frequency band to create real-time communication channels with ranges up to 800m outdoors and 100-200m indoors. Each LoRa Anchor can provide real-time communication for up to 30 tracker devices or control devices like Andon lamps or LED matrix screens.


LoRa Anchors are usually placed on cable trays indoors or at high points outdoors. Outdoor installation requires an environmental protected box that we provide with the LoRa Anchor up on request. Anchor can be connected to your local IP network or to a mobile rotuer that sends data directly to cloud.


We customize the available mounting and powering options of the LoRa Anchors for every installation according to client’s needs. Flat-rate pricing applies, each anchor costs £ 590 for indoors and £ 1,440 for outdoors including a mobile router also.


Detailed specs can be found in the datasheet.