Real-time location of your assets


FloWide uses real-time position of your tools and equipment for usage monitoring and maintenance optimisation.
  • Asset monitoring

  • Preventive maintenance

Level 1
Asset monitoring

Get a full visibility of your tool  equipment in real time.
  • Machine monitoring

    Get a better understanding of your assets usage with automated asset/machine monitoring
    Cycle time | Cycle count | CAN connection

  • Preventive maintenance

    Trigger preventive maintenance based on actual asset usage.
    Usage timeline | Maintenance alerts

forklift trucks activity dashboard

Level 2
"Indoor GPS"

Don’t spend time searching for an equipment. Get a continuous indoor location tracking by deploying a ultra-wideband (UWB) Real Time Locating System (RTLS)
  • Level 1

    All the benefits of Level 1 plus...

  • Location tracking

    Stop wasting time searching for an asset, gets its live location.
    Tool finder | Geofencing

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We help Operations and Logistics Managers to improve how material flow in their shop floors.

Data Science

We help Industry 4.0 data scientists to extract operational insights from factory-level location data.

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