Data science

Low-code location intelligence software platform

FloWide empowers your Industry 4.0 teams to deal with factory level location data.
  • Full data science process in one place

    From data gathering to dashboard visualisation all in one place.
    O.S.E.M.N. framework: Obtain, Scrub, Explore, Model, Interpret

  • Low-code

    Build bespoke applications 10 times faster by using our low-code Python library specifically developed to extract value from location data.

  • Own the source code

    Don't rely on any third party to dig into your data or to improve your metrics.

  • Continuous improvement

    Find you next big Kaizen (improvement) by digging into the your intralogistics data.

FloWide workbench edition mode with access to Python source code

Apps library

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Our other solutions:


We help Operations and Logistics Managers to improve how material flow in their shop floors.


We help Maintenance Managers to monitor mobile equipment and tools.

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