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FloWide bridges the gap between manufacturing and data. Our mission is to power the next phase of industrial optimisation with simulation and UWB-based location data while connecting industry 4.0 to the work from anywhere world.



Founder and CEO of FloWide, Gábor Fehér, first encounters UWB technology while studying at university. Recognising its potential, he begins laying the foundations of what would become FloWide.


After years of research and several home-brew solutions, DecaWave releases the DW1000, the first commercially available integrated UWB radio solution.


Gábor Fehér founds Optimized Mobile Technologies Ltd. to capitalise on new trends in indoor location technologies. The engineering services provider’s revenue funds further development of UWB-based solutions.


Gábor Szabó joins the team to create awesome hardware components with the Decawave UWB radio chip.


Róbert Németh joins the team and begins building the software to calculate location data based on timing information collected from sensors. Sunstone RTLS is born.


First early adopters deploy Sunstone RTLS-based solutions to optimise their manufacturing processes in Hungary. Experimentation with real-time location data begins.


Béla Schaum joins the Sunstone RTLS team to develop a robust backend to handle the drastic increase in custom requests from early adopters.


As an answer for the challenges introduced by pandemic the FloWide platform and process is created to enable bringing simulation, real-world location data, and latest software technologies to industrial optimisation, connecting them to a work from anywhere world.


The first partners begin reaping the benefits of the FloWide process, and the FloWide journey continues...

The Team

Gábor Fehér

Founder and CEO

Always working on unlocking the potential in indoor localisation, Gábor’s vision relentlessly pushes FloWide forward. He’s the one that built this team from scratch.

Vincent Borgraeve


A lean machine who’s helped Swiss watchmakers tick better for the last 7 years. Vincent is currently leading our operations in the UK.

Gábor Szabó

Senior hardware designer

A doubter of unproven trends Gábor, relies on tried and trusted classical approaches. He’s the one behind our amazingly robust electronics.

Róbert Nemeth

Algorithm developer

A brutal perfectionist Róbert never lets a CPU cycle go to waste. He’s the one that turns every state-on-the-art algorithm into a work-horse system ready for deployment.

Béla Schaum

Senior software engineer

Our in-house template magician, Béla is a competitive spirit you’ll often find at a hackathon. He’s the one that enjoys mapping processes and data into a layered structure.

Balázs Gözsöny

Junior software engineer

The Scotty of the USS FloWide, Balázs is great with deadlines and loves creating web interfaces. He’s the one that ensures all our custom software and hotfixes are on time.

Barnabás Miklós

Junior hardware engineer

Always looking for paths to improvements, Miklós spends as much time as he can with his dog. He’s the one that makes our experiments fun while being the quickest learner in the team.

Andrea Zsukk

Office manager

When not playing the clarinet, Andrea ensures our offices are suitable for human life. She’s the one that creates the missing link between the bunch of geeks and real world.

Dániel Seager-Smith

Marketing manager

Our in house word wizard, you’ll want to avoid asking Daniel about 19th-century English literature. He’s the one that makes our technology meaningful and easy to understand.

András Moór

Graphic design

The creator of the FloWide logo, András bends edges and mixes colors to make industrial software look awesome. He’s the one behind our brand and the UI of FloWide solutions.

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